Macsteel Tube and Pipe Value Adding Facility

Macsteel Tube and Pipe Value Adding Facility
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As part of the Macsteel Group’s ongoing expansion and the modernisation of its facilities, Macsteel Tube and Pipe recently developed and commissioned an additional new 30 000m2 plant in Boksburg to house their extensive value adding capabilities

Macsteel Tube and Pipe’s diverse product offering combined with its world-class value added processing competencies, forms an integral business unit within the Macsteel Service Centres SA Group, which is the leading steel service centre company on the African continent.

Typically, when a structural steel fabricator thinks of a steel service centre, they think of plates cut to size and to shape, long product profiles cut to size and possibly the addition of a few value added services such as drilled holes or bevelling etc. Occasionally, maybe bending may come into the picture. However, as part of the Macsteel Group’s ongoing expansion and the modernisation of its facilities, Macsteel Tube and Pipe recently developed and commissioned an additional new 30 000m2 plant in Boksburg to house their extensive value adding capabilities. This is not your ordinary steel service centre as described above, this is something totally different!

The construction of the new plant consumed 1 500 tons of structural steel and consists of seven 130m long by 29m wide bays, each equipped with two 10 ton overhead cranes. Localised state-of-the-art handling equipment is installed to facilitate optimum productivity. Fabrication gasses are piped throughout the work station areas.

Once again, this facility provides an excellent example of where long-span cellular beams have been successfully utilised in the construction of a factory/warehouse utilising overhead handling applications. Macsteel has provided a significant tonnage of innovative customised cellular beams for projects where spans have specified requirements ranging from 20 to 40 metres. An additional feature of this structure is the innovative use of tubular cross members for the columns supporting the crane girders.

Macsteel Tube and Pipe is ISO 9001:2008 accredited and supplies products to internationally approved quality standards for applications such as:

  • Water and other conveyance pipe
  • Tube for structural engineering and automotive applications
  • Hi-tensile scaffolding tube
  • Conveyor idler tube
  • Mine support systems
  • Furniture and general purpose precision tubing

The product offerings are fully supported by the new value adding facility which includes plant and machinery such as customised cutting machines, precision laser cutting, a high definition plasma cutting, tube chamfering machines, welding machines and processes including comprehensive jigged set-ups for welding pipes into a myriad of applications.

Additional features to the laser cutting facilities at Macsteel Tube and Pipe boast a unique offering whereby product inputs and outputs of 12m lengths are handled efficiently with ease. Laser cutting machines are also dispelling the perception that tubular fabrication is complex. Products supplied from these machines provide the fabricator with a precision cut tube ready for assembling and welding. Complicated architectural end designs for jointing connections and other applications for hollow sections are well within the capabilities provided.

The advanced production capabilities accommodate the attachment of a full range of fittings, flanges and other connecting mechanisms, including facilities whereby these components are converted into complete pipe systems to meet specialised requirements.

Macsteel Tube and Pipe has developed two innovative additional product ranges, namely;

  • Lula Pipe which is a steel pipe made to assimilate plastic pipe dimensions and aimed at competing with plastic pipes. Lula Pipe is tested to 50 bar in many instances surpassing the smaller diameter systems (than plastic), minimising costs and providing a superior life cycle. The system is interchangeable with plastic elements and does not require special tools or skills to install.
  • Cable Lock reticulation systems which are experiencing huge demand given their ease of installation, superior performance and cost advantages.

The connections for both these systems are all manufactured in Macsteel Tube and Pipe’s new facility in Boksburg.

The full range of additional value added products on offer is impressive and includes Mac Shoulder end jointing systems, pipe tee’s (suitable for bolting with flanges or suitably prepared for full penetration welding), branches, elbows, lobster back bends, all of which may be customised to a variety of specifications.

Macsteel Tube and Pipe looks forward with much confidence to the future and to being particularly well prepared to process a significant amount of tubular and piping products through its worldclass new plant.