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Vessels Built from BS1501-161-430A
Vessels Built from BS1501-161-430A
ASTM A516 Gr70 Applications
ASTM A516 Gr70 Applications
16Mo3 Vessel
16Mo3 Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessels Stainless Steel Vessels

Pressure Vessel Steel Plate Grades supplied are B.S. 1501: 430 MPa Grades

B.S.1501-161-430A/B is a British Standard Specified steel which has now been superseded by the Euro Norm Specification EN 10028. As reference is still being made to this material by prospective clients, we have included details of B.S.1501-161-430A/B on this reference for information purposes. The steel is used in the fabrication of welded pressure vessels and boilers.

There are two types of BS1501-161-430 available which are as follows:

  • Type A: Denotes specified min. room temperature tensile properties
  • Type B: As per Type A but with elevated temperature properties.

ASTM A516 GRADE 60 / 65 / 70

ASTM A516 Grade 60 is a boiler pressure vessel quality steel that has good weld-ability and excellent notch toughness and is perfect for moderate and lower temperature services. This material is used extensively by the boiler and pressure vessel fabricators who provide manufacturing support to the petrochemical, oil and gas industries.


16Mo3 is an EN 10028 specified pressure vessel grade chrome molybdenum steel alloy for use in elevated working temperatures. This material also has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good wear and fatigue resistance, good welding properties, good tensile and yield strength and great toughness. This material is used as weld-able steel in the fabrication of industrial boilers and steel pressurized vessels found in oil, gas, chemical industry (inshore and offshore industries).

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