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The Fimi Cut-to-Length Line
The Fimi Cut-to-Length Line
Stock at VRN Stainless Steel
Stock at VRN Stainless Steel
Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting
3CR12 HRA Coil 3CR12 HRA Coil

Macsteel VRN operates a specialist Stainless Steel Service Centre for the supply of profiled and cut-to-size Stainless Steel. Cold Forming operations to produce sections are also carried out. Purchasing Stainless Steel, a costly raw material, on a cut-to-size basis offers you many benefits some of which are:

  • You buy what you need. There is no risk of theft or damage to excess metal as may be the case when purchasing full sheets.
  • Since we are specialists, our scrap rate is lower than yours. Drop outs and off cuts which you cannot use can be used by us on other jobs.
  • No rejects. Errors are our loss; not yours.
  • Better use of manpower and factory space. Rather than using these resources in the operation of cutting machines, put them to use in the business you specialize in. With the same staff and factory space you can obtain greater productivity.
  • No losses through machine failure, absenteeism or part utilization of facilities.
  • Quality and service is our livelihood. Without it we don’t exist, that’s why we have to be the best. That’s good for you.

Macsteel VRN Stainless Steel Service Centre should be regarded as an extension of your operation which means that:

  • You only pay for what you need.
  • You can simplify your business.
  • You can improve your productivity
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