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Kassie Doeden – 10th January 2019:

Does anyone know the deadline for Roberts Jackson Solicitors vacation schemes? Some people on the latestlawjobs.com site told me I may find some lawyers here. Thanks


LAWesome coin – 16th January 2019:

Bonjour! I have just read a very exciting story in the crypto domain . Some think tanks in the cryptocurrency neighborhood have written that a new crypto coin is being developed and shockingly, it is spearheaded by a consortium of top international and US law firms 😀 Allegedly, it is called Lawesome crypto coin. It would be great if anyone could share some new real-time information on this coin. I would particularly, love to purchase this coin during the course of the ICO and also participate in a bounty hunt to get some totally free coins. Alas, there is a lack of info on the LAWesome coin as I think that it is a pretty secretive venture. It is rather unforeseen that the law firms are making such a striking entrance into the cryptocurrency sector! This move will certainly give cryptocurrency more credibility.


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