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Africa’s leading steel supplier, Macsteel, has taken an unparalleled inclusive approach to its CSI activities.

Instead of allocating the prescribed 67 minutes to doing good during Mandela Day in July, it used that time as a catalyst for starting a conversation with Macsteelers in an on-going “Pay It Forward” initiative, in partnership with Macsteel Cares. Pay It Forward Day is an international event that encourages individuals to perform random acts of kindness as a form of giving back. Its goal is to create a ripple-effect that makes the world a better place to live in.

According to Kim Allan, Macsteel’s Group Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Mandela Day results in thousands of tangible actions which better the lives or circumstances of needy organisations or individuals. “We applaud every action undertaken on July 18th, but our priority is to ensure that the philosophy of giving back is fully entrenched within our staff complement throughout the year. Historically Macsteel has long been committed to the development and upliftment of communities, and the natural route to a greater commitment from our staff complement is direct involvement.”

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