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Flanged Pipe System

Full range of fabricated flanged steel pipe and fittings, SANS 1476.

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LULA-LOCK™ Pipe System

The LULA-LOCK™ Pipe System is a steel pipe and fitting rolled to plastic pipe sizes with an integral socket and rubber seal ring. The LULA-LOCK™ Pipe System is manufactured to SANS 1182 and seals to SABS974, makes this system interchangeable with plastic pipes and fittings. The design life far exceeds plastic pipe and no damage through exposure to UV. No skilled labour or special tools are required for installation and only requires restraint and thrust blocks which is the same criteria as socketed PVC Pipe.

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Shouldered Pipe System

The Shouldered Pipe System is easy to install and considered flexible, where certain angular and axial movement takes place withing the jointing mechanism. Steel pipe size ranges from 50NB to 300NB. Coatings include hot dipped galvanised to SANS 121, and/or to customer specifications.

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Grooved Pipe System

The Grooved Pipe System allows for controlled lateral pipe movement, including expansion, contraction and limited deflection. This system is three to five times faster to install than on-site welding. Coatings for the Grooved Pipe System include hot dipped galvanising to SANS 121, and/or to customer specifications. Groove-ended steel pipes, fittings and couplings to SANS 815-2. The groove-ended / Klambon system is widely recognised as the most efficient pipe jointing system available.

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The Shurjoint MAC RING-JOINT SYSTEM R-88 ring joint piping system is a non-grooved mechanical pipe joining method and an excellent alternative where pipe difficult to groove or where grooving, flanges or welding is not the preferred method.

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CABLE-LOCK™ Pipe System

The CABLE-LOCK™ Pipe System is an integrated spigot and socket steel pipe system. The system uses the same tried and tested socket system used in plastic pipe systems, with the addition of the retaining or ‘flex wire’ incorporated in front of the seal to ‘lock’ the two pipes together. This is powerful enough to easily take care of the axial pressure loads. It is inserted through an aperture in the socket end groove into the matching groove on the spigot end. This flex wire is seated 360º around the groove firmly locking the pipes together.

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