Exports FAQs

Exports FAQs

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Exports FAQs​

What range of products do you sell?

Macsteel Exports sells the full range of the Macsteel Group products ranging from all the Fluid Control valves, Pipes flanges and fittings, Harvey Roofing, Tubing/hollow sections, lip channels, roofing products, VRN plates, fabricated solutions of plate. Over and above this, the full Macsteel Trading range of long and flat steel products, beams, IPEs, channels, angles, flat bars etc., fencing, wire to name a few.

What are the costs of the products?

Please contact the Exports department for pricing enquiries

What are your contact details?

Corner Simon Bekker and Crompton Rd Germiston South. Please contact adrian.isemonger@macsteel.co.za or chrizelle.veldman@macsteel.co.za

Who is the Branch Manager?

Adrian Isemonger, contactable on 071 878 8227 or adrian.isemonger@macsteel.co.za

Which countries do we export to?

All countries in Africa, our Macsteel Trading business services Namibia and Botswana from SA.

What is the stock availability?

Please enquire at our Exports business for stock and pricing.

Do you have branches in Africa?

There are Macsteel branches in Ghana, Angola, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Eswatini.

How does the Exports process work, VAT, Zero rated VAT, Transport costs?

The South African Reserve Bank, (SARB exchange control regulations apply for Export)  SARB/SARS requirements are as follows:

If the payment comes from a foreign country outside South Africa, (Excluding common monetary countries/union  of Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini) we will zero rate the VAT and charge the transport portion. If the payment is from South Africa, then 15% VAT is charged and the customer is required to do their own transport.