Harvey Roofing Products FAQs

Harvey Roofing Products FAQs

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Harvey Roofing Products FAQs

Do you sell to the public?

Harvey Roofing Products produce steel roofing tiles in mass quantities and therefore minimum order quantities applies. Harvey Roofing Products are available from most leading Hardware stores. Should you not be able to source Harvey Tiles, from your local Hardware store, please contact us directly and we will gladly assist.

Where can I buy Harvey Tile?

From your leading Hardware retailer. Also, refer to the store locater on our website (www.harveyroofingproducts.co.za) which will direct you to nearest stockist of Harvey Tiles.

Do you quote on the installation of Harvey Thatch Tile for Lapas (sizes/pics submitted)?

Harvey Roofing Products manufactures Harvey Thatch Tiles but does not do the actual installation. Our website (www.harveyroofingproducts.co.za) has a list of Harvey Approved contractors who can be approached for supply and installation of Harvey Thatch Tiles.

Can you re-roof a house with Harvey Tile over the existing Roof Structure?

Harvey Roof Tiles are perfectly suited for re-roofing over existing corrugated/IBR roof structures. The installation manual on www.harveyroofingproducts.co.za has a step-by-step guide for ease of reference as to the installation methodology to be followed. Not suitable to re-roof over concrete tiles. In this case the concrete tiles need to be removed but the existing battens and purlins should suffice for the application of Harvey Tiles. Please contact Harvey Roofing Products’ offices any time should you require further assistance or advice regarding installation matters.

What is the warranty?

Harvey Roofing Products carry a 20 year substrate warranty and 15 year paint warranty.