Special Steels – Bright Bar FAQs

Special Steels – Bright Bar FAQs

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Special Steels – Bright Bar FAQs​

What additional processes do you offer?

We offer comprehensive cut to length services. We have 40 saws that include 6 high speed CNC saws for high speed cutting to close tolerances. We have a fully equipped heat treatment facility that is used to heat treat material for in house stocking purposes and customer’s own materials. We have a fully equipped laboratory that is able to offer metallurgical services to our customers.

Are you ISO compliant?

Yes we have been compliant for many years and currently certified to ISO35001:2018 , ISO 14001:2015 , ISO9001:2015

Do you offer delivery services?

We deliver both locally using our fleet of delivery vehicles and nationally via our extensive branch network. Our delivery lead times are +- 2-3 days which is industry standard depending on quantities and processes required.

What is the origin of the material you stock?

The local market primarily uses the BS970 range of steels. These steels are sourced both locally and internationally and conform in all aspects to the BS970 standards.  Other grades and specifications are available on enquiry.

Do you offer credit facilities?

Credit facilities are offered on application to qualifying companies.

What is the difference between drawn bar and peeled bar?

During the drawing process, the black bar scale layer is partially removed by shot blasting and then sized and elongated to within tight dimensional and straightness tolerances which also enhances the mechanical properties of the steel grade.  The peeling process removes the entire scale and decarb layer (porosity) from the black bar.  In this instance, the mechanical properties of the steel grade remain in “as rolled” condition.

Why use bright drawn bar instead of black bar?

The drawing process enhances the mechanical properties of the steel grade, ensures close dimensional and straightness tolerances for precision engineering and a smooth clean surface that saves on machining time and tooling costs.

Which bright steel grade has the best welding capabilities?

Mild steel and Free Cutting steel is best suited for welding applications.

Are Mild Steel and EN8 grades interchangeable?

EN8 grades contain higher carbon content and a higher Tensile Strength than Mild Steel grades and may be interchanged in some non-critical applications.  Mild Steel grades are not interchangeable with EN8 grades due to the lower carbon content and lower Tensile Strength.

Are you able to recommend the best suited steel grade or quality for my specific application?

Yes.  We have cold drawing, peeling, straightening, polishing and grinding machines that enable us to produce commercial and precision high quality bright bar products.  In addition, we have an electronic testing facility for safety critical applications that is endorsed by the automotive manufacturers.  Our technical ability, expertise and experience, supported by our metallurgical and mechanical testing laboratory, gives us the ability to do R & D in collaboration with the steel manufacturers and our customers.  This allows us to provide our customers with a total product solution whether it is for automotive, mining, petro-chemical, power generation, fastener manufacturing or general engineering.