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What grade of steel can we use for the following application? e.g. What grade of steel can I use to build a hopper to carry wet coal?

3CR12 HRA – it has an excellent ability to withstand wet sliding abrasion and corrosion.

Is aluminium available in walkways/Vastrap?

Yes, Macsteel carries it as a standard product in grade 4017 in a variety of thicknesses.

What is the maximum operating temperature for Grade 310S in a specific grade of steel?

The maximum recommended operating temperature for Grade 310S, as recommended by Columbus Stainless is 1,200 degrees C in a continuous process.

Can you bend the plate to the following dimensions and do weld preparation on it?

Yes. If drawings are provided, Macsteel is able to supply full weld-prep and possibly also complete hole cutting at the same time.

If we give you a sketch can you turn it into a drawing and supply us the components we need to fabricate the job?

Yes, Macsteel is able to assist with the development of drawings to create a bill of materials and process the components.