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Whether directly or indirectly, Macsteel is the supplier of choice with regards to most Mining contracts and projects. These include all Long Products such as Cellular Beams, Sheets, Plates, Cold Formed Sections, Tube, Pipes, Pipelines, Pumps, Valves, Rock Props, Conveyor Tubes, Vastrap, and specialised High Grade and Hard Wear-Resisting Steels that include the VRN and CREUSABRO Grades.

Products Related to Mining

Ball Valves – Enogas & Natco Brass & Nylon Ball Valves

Ball Valves – Fire Safe Ball Valves

Ball Valves – Natco Ball Valves

Bright Bar – 11SMnPb30 (12L14) Bright Drawn Leaded Free Cutting SAE 12L14 (Imported)

Bright Bar – 230M07 (EN1A) Bright Drawn Free Cutting BS 970 230M07

Bullnose Sheeting

Butterfly Valves & Actuators – AMRI Actuators

Butterfly Valves & Actuators – AMRI BOAX B

Business Units Supplying to Mining
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