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    Steel Supplier

Macsteel supplies Pipes and a comprehensive range of Fittings, Pumps and Valves into this sector. Pipe systems include Rolled, Grooved, Cut Grooved, Ring Ends and Propriety Systems such as the Lula and Cable Lock with a variety of protective coatings. Macsteel supplies a comprehensive range of valves, actuators, fluid level gauges, filter systems, valve interlock systems and a full range of steam products.

Products Related to Water

Ball Valves – Enogas & Natco Brass & Nylon Ball Valves

Ball Valves – Fire Safe Ball Valves

Ball Valves – Natco Ball Valves

Borehole Casing

Butterfly Valves & Actuators – AMRI Actuators

Butterfly Valves & Actuators – AMRI BOAX B

Butterfly Valves & Actuators – AMRI DANIAS MT II & 150

Butterfly Valves & Actuators – AMRI ISORIA

Business Units Supplying to Water
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