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As part of an education drive to educate employees and create greater awareness of substance abuse, within its focus of general employee health and wellbeing, Macsteel has launched an internal initiative called Toolbox Talks in partnership with Silkworth Recovery Centre, a non-profit rehabilitation centre focusing on substance abuse and recovery. Throughout November Silkworth Recovery Centre are holding weekly talks with Macsteel employees to bring to the fore issues and dangers of substance abuse.

According to a recent survey by the World Health Organisation, 15% of South Africa’s population has a drug problem and according to SAPS figures, 60% of crimes nationally were related to substance abuse.

“These statistics are very alarming and we have a responsibility as an employer to educate and inform our employees of the effects of substance abuse, not only for those who use but also taking into account the ripple effect it has on their family and friends,” said Kim Allan, Macsteel’s Group Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.

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