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Macsteel launches Macsteel Express

Germiston, Johannesburg, 01 June 2021 – Macsteel has launched the third of its independently owned Macsteel Express franchise partnerships in Nelspruit today.  Macsteel launched the first of its two Franchise partner concept outlets in February this year in Klerksdorp and Welkom.

Mike Benfield, Macsteel CEO says, “we recognised the need for transformation and understand that transformation today focuses on the need to generate new value—to unlock new opportunities, to drive new growth and to deliver new efficiencies for our clients.”

“The economic climate has dictated the necessity for business transformation to ensure one remains competitive.  It’s required us to rethink about how our business creates value not only today but, in the future, and as such has necessitated us to think big. Incremental improvement is not enough to win in today’s exponentially disrupted business environment. Macsteel requires sustained growth in the face of near constant disruption, and sustained growth requires agile reinvention. It’s not enough to win today, we have to be able to continue to evolve in the future and ensure that Macsteel remains competitive and sustainable for another 116 years, concludes Benfield.”

The franchising-partnering concept is a shift in Macsteel’s business model, driving consolidation and centralisation of functions within the business aimed at ensuring the sustainability of its services to customers in regions around the country.  It was this that led Macsteel to consider the option of independent ownership of certain Macsteel Branches.

What makes the Macsteel Express franchise concept exceptional, is that it will continue with Macsteel’s legacy of a customer centric and solutions-oriented approach to all customer engagements. The outlets will be open six days a week with in-store expertise and promises to deliver steel and steel-related hardware designed to meet the highest standards for all commercial and residential construction needs.

Macsteel Express outlets will continue to hold the widest range of steel and steel related hardware and remain focused on partnering with customers to offer and provide solutions for all commercial and residential construction needs.

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