Press Releases

Press Releases

Macsteel Media Statement

Macsteel Media Statement

Macsteel confirms that there is a protected strike, taking place today by employees who are primarily members of NUMSA.  The notice has complied with relevant legislation and as a result, the strike is protected.

Macsteel regrets the need for these 99 retrenchments in its continued efforts to adapt to worsening economic conditions and remain viable and sustainable.

Macsteel announced its intention to retrench staff in June last year and since then has consulted extensively with trade unions, including NUMSA, and non-unionised parties in attempts to minimise the unfortunate implementation of Section 189A retrenchments.  We have consulted in accordance with the spirit and letter of the law to reach consensus on the latest decisions, including possible alternatives.  Our priority within these consultations and ultimate decisions has been to protect the remaining jobs at Macsteel.

We recognise the unions’ right to protest action and urge those participating employees to remain responsible and calm and to act within the prescripts of the law.

Macsteel takes the safety of all its employees seriously and are working to keep other employees safe.


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Macsteel Media Statement

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