Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting

Tube & Pipe Laser Cutting

Macsteel outsources laser cutting to various identified capable steel processing companies. In this way, Macsteel can cost-effectively package the supply of the input pipe required, and include the laser cutting. 

Complex profiles and shapes can be cut into the tubular products we supply which allows for improved design and better fitting of components.

This is due to the very tight tolerances achieved via laser cutting, as well as improvements in the cost of doing this via more traditional costly processes.

This is normally done where the volumes warrant such involvement. If the customer has a supplier of choice, we can gladly dispatch the tube directly to that supplier.  In order to make the process efficient, the customer needs to supply the drawing file in a format that is compatible with the various machines that are used to laser cut the tube. In this way, the cost of redrawing the component that needs to be cut can be avoided and can also reduce the risk of incorrectly redrawing the components.

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