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Self-defence empowers Macsteel interns

27 June 2019

Macsteel has introduced an empowering program to equip 100 interns and learners with self-defence skills that will help ensure their safety.

Starting this month, a Krav Maga self-defence training program for 100 of Macsteel’s interns and learners split equally across gender-lines, will...


Thousands of infants are abandoned in South Africa every year – report

14 June 2019

It makes it harder for child protection organisations to play a role with the enactment of the Children’s Amendment Bill looming over their heads.

A report by Impilo Child Protection and Adoption Services has highlighted a shocking statistic about how thousands of infants are aba...


ABSA Business Day Supplier Development Awards

27 May 2019

The Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards acknowledge businesses implementing Supplier Development programmes that are more than just a BEE tickbox exercise. These businesses are motivated to make a lasting impact!

The judges were searching businesses that position Supplier Dev...


Macsteel Lauded For Making SA Great Again

24 May 2019

MACSTEEL has garnered two prizes at the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards, which recognise and celebrate businesses committed to building a better South Africa via inclusive and transformed supply chains. Macsteel won the Small Supplier and Local Manufacturing Award in acknowledgem...


Macsteel Collects Two Awards in Recognition of Significant Advances in Supplier Development

01 May 2019

Macsteel is a member of the Association of Metal Service Centres of South Africa that is federated to SEIFSA.

Macsteel has garnered two awards at the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards which recognise and celebrate businesses committed to building better South Africa via inc...

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