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It's about more than just selling valves, it's about selling solutions

03 August 2021

Macsteel Fluid Control understands that water is a strategic natural resource for South Africa and for the mining sector. Equipment reliability, water resource management and operational efficiency are essential in ensuring sustainable, long-term success in the area of water management.

Macsteel Fluid Control’s business approach focusses on providing a complete solution to a system, not just selling valves. Macsteel Fluid Control prefers to become involved at the planning stages of a project so that they can assist mine engineers on the proper selection of equipment and the layout of valve stations to ensure the system is designed for efficiency as well as reliability.

However, this is not always possible and Macsteel Fluid Control is often called on to analyse existing problematic systems and to remedy the situation.

The most common scenario they are faced with is where cost was the driving factor in materials selection in the design stages of the system. In such cases, installed pipes with a lower pressure rating than required, burst regularly when (poorly designed) pressure reduction stations (PRV) fail, or fail to consistently regulate pressure.

In some instances, due to added wear and tear on some components of these poorly designed systems, the PRV stations are only stable for about seven to twelve days before irregular regulation starts.

Jan Greyling, Macsteel Fluid Control product sales specialist says, “water resource management at mining sites is essential in ensuring operations are not disrupted.  If the water supply is interrupted, normal mining activities can’t continue, which will prevent the “blast” of the day from being completed resulting in a loss of production and revenue.”

Macsteel Fluid Control believes that providing innovative, suitable solutions are crucial in ensuring continuity and sustainability of mining activity, especially in changing environments.   Fluid Control have implemented many solutions of this nature, for numerous mines, contributing to the reduction of operating expenditure by decreasing the water and energy costs. Macsteel Fluid Control’s water management systems can also produce quality water that is recyclable, and which may be reused for the underground operations for which it was designed, resulting in the mine being better equipped to face environmental challenges that emerge as the mine’s lifetime progresses.

“We are about selling solutions and by virtue of our approach of looking beyond what the client thinks they need, to understanding what they actually need – and addressing that challenge – has put us in good stead with our mining customers and continues to do so”, concludes Greyling.

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