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Macsteel enhances customer experience with the upgrade of Macsteel's online shop

03 November 2021

Macsteel, Africa’s leading merchandiser, and distributor of steel has revamped its online shop with improved functionality, to provide a better customer experience.  The online shop, www.shop.macsteel.co.za will help drive one of Macsteel’s business imperatives of becoming a more customer-centric business. www.shop.macsteel.co.za will be one of South Africa’s largest online shops in the steel industry, another example of Macsteel investing to further support its customers and differentiating itself from competitors in the industry.

Macsteel redesigned the online shop to enhance the overall experience. Customers are now able to register to purchase products online and be part of the loyalty program.  Customers have access to an extensive product range and can easily find products using the improved search and filter functionality. They can create quotations online and convert quotes into orders directly. Customers will be able to download their price lists including product weights, and they will have access to product specification sheets.

Key customer benefits are:

  • Convenience:  With Macsteel’s online shop being accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, customers can place orders and create quotes at any time of the day without having to call or email in.
  • Efficiency:  Engaging in Macsteel’s online shop allows our customers to be more efficient by providing them with their specific on-demand pricing, and price lists, at the click of a button; and supplying up-to-date, real-time information such as order status and documentation such as invoices, we save them time.
  • Precision:  Once logged in, your online profile automatically links to your Macsteel payment account and populates your delivery address so checkout is accurate and quick
  • Accurate Pricing:  With an automated online system, customers will see their customer-specific product prices.
  • Management:  Customers have more control of their Macsteel ordering process. They can view their purchasing history online for all orders and quotes, placed via Macsteel sales staff or online. Order confirmations, invoices, and delivery notes are also available online, available for customers to download at any time

Mike Benfield, Macsteel CEO, says, “ E-Commerce is a key driver of growth for our business. We are providing a sophisticated, yet low-cost solution, which will not only help grow but further engage our customer base and help drive online business across all our product groups over time .”

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