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Tom Cowan appointed as Macsteel Group Chief Operating Officer

09 July 2021

Tom Cowan, seasoned engineer and talented professional who holds a BEng (Mech) degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA degree from the University of Pretoria has been  appointed the new chief operating officer of Macsteel Service Centres South Africa. 

Cowan has been in the steel industry for 29 years; all of it proudly served at Macsteel.  Prior to his promotion, he held the position of Business Executive for Macsteel VRN and under his guidance the business has grown into one of the leading suppliers and processors of specialty and carbon plate.  The first 20 years of Cowan’s career at Macsteel, was spent developing Macsteel’s Fluid Control into a fully functional, free-standing business unit.

” Being appointed as Chief Operating Officer at Macsteel is an honour,” says Cowan. “This is a time of great transformation in our business, and serving such a large customer base in a fast-changing world is a thrilling prospect.”

“The industry itself is also evolving, and I hope to help Macsteel build on its great success and continue driving our pursuit of reinvention.”

Cowan will be part of a strong team of experienced leaders. “I look forward to working with the talented Macsteel Group executive team, who I greatly respect for their excellent business acumen.”

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