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Cut to Length

Materials can be cut to any lengths. All cutting is done according to the customers specifications. Please note if there are any special requirements these must be highlighted and accompanied with a clear drawing or sketch.

Mitre cuts up to 45 degrees are possible. Please note that when specifying mitre cuts it is essential to provide clear drawings. Download Mitre Cut Guidelines.

It is also important to specify the accuracy or tolerance of the cut.

  • Merchant cutting 5 – 10mm over
  • Normal cutting +2mm to –2mm
  • Higher tolerances specified by customer for jigs etc.
  • Excessive accuracy can affect the delivery of the order.


All cut material is bundled, strapped and marked according to the customers specifications, prior to dispatch. There are occasions where additional strapping may be required. i.e If the steel bundles are transported by rail, excessive shunting can cause material to slide in the bundle

All small items are placed in drums or bags and are tagged for identification purposes.

Please do not forget to highlight any difficulties that you may have with loading or unloading heavy vehicles. If we know of problems in advance we can attend to them by packing our vehicles accordingly.

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