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MACSTEEL Heat Treatment Plant is the largest most diversified heat treatment plant is South Africa. The heat treatment plant is divided into 3 departments, each specializing in a unique heat treatment process range. The heat treatment plant control instrumentation is computer driven and is on par with any similar system anywhere in the world.


Batch Processes:

  • Annealing
  • Normalising
  • Sub-Critical Annealing
  • Stress Relieving
  • Harden and Temper (Both Water & Oil quench Facilities)


Specialised Processes:

  • Case Hardening (Gas Carburising & Gas Nitriding)
  • Neutral Hardening
  • Vacuum Hardening and Tempering


Continuous Processes:

  • Neutral Hardening
  • Austemper Process
  • Furnaces & Ancilliary Equipment used in the Heat Treatment Plant


Batch Processes:

  • 8 off Gas Fired Top Hat Furnaces that can handle up to 7m length bar stock
  • Water & Oil quench facilities
  • 2 Straightening Presses to straighten from 40mm dia to 320 dia.
  • 2 straightening Reelers to straighten 16mm dia to 40mm dia.


Specialised Processes:

  • 2 off Pit Retort Furnaces for gas carburising
  • 2 off Pit Retort Furnaces for neutral hardening
  • 2 off Sealed Quench Furnaces for neutral hardening and carburising
  • 2 Vacuum Furnaces
  • 1 Vacuum Temper Furnace
  • Shot and Bead Blasting facilities
  • Cryogenic freezing facilities


Continuous Processes:

  • 2 off gas fired Shaker Hearth Furnaces
  • 1 off electric Shaker Furnace
  • Continuous & Batch Tempering furnaces
  • 1 Austemper Furnace

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