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An IPE-section is a length of structural steel that has a cross section in the shape of an “I”, that is why the material is also known as an I-Beam. The web (vertical part of the “I”) withstands hard forces, while the flange (horizontal part of the “I”) endures bending movements. Sizes of IPE-Sections are determined by the web, flange and weight per metre. The IPE has a parallel flange.

An IPE-section is typically used in construction and civil engineering applications, especially as support for buildings to ensure that the structure is strong enough.

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Code: IPE
Use: Structural applications
Material: S355JR
Sizes Available:
100mm x 55mm
120mm x 64mm
140mm x 73mm
160mm x 82mm
180mm x 91mm
200mm x 100mm

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