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Parallel Flange Channel

“A parallel flange channel is identified by its depth and width, e.g. 180mm x 70mm. The thickness of a parallel flange channel is consistent throughout the web of the channel all the way to the end of the flange. This is a benefit as it increases the channel’s load-bearing ability compared to tapered channels, and also allows normal washers to be used on these flange types.

Parallel flange channels are also known as “PFCs”” or “”C-sections”. Product application: Parallel flange channels are suitable for use in structural applications such as the construction of buildings and large-scale fabrications.”

Product Information

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Code: CHP
Use: Structural applications
Material: S355JR
Sizes Available:
100mm x 50mm
180mm x 70mm
200mm x 75mm
230mm x 90mm
260mm x 90mm
300mm x 100mm

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