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Bright Bar – SAE 1018 Bright Drawn & Peeled BS 970 EN3B (070M20)

Typical Mechanical Properties in Cold Drawn Conditions

** Typical Machanical Properties to be used as a guide only

Product Features and Applications

  • SAE 1018 has a good balance of strength, ductility, toughness and excellent welding capabilities.
  • It is suitably used in applications that do not need high strength and high carbon.
  • It provides high surface hardness and a soft core to improve drilling, machining, threading and punching processes. Also, to prevent cracking in severe bends.
  • Not suitable for through hardening, flame or induction hardening due to relatively low carbon content.
  • Widely used for bolts, studs, connecting rods, motor shafts, pump shafts, pins, machinery parts, industrial chains, grounding rods, etc.
  • When carburised, suitable applications include light duty gears, camshafts, spindles and ratchets.

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