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Steam Trap Stainless Steel

The stainless steel version of the remarkable Armstrong Trap Valve Station (TVS) gives you two piston-style isolation valves, a test valve and an integral stainless steel strainer with blowdown valve—all merged in a single, versatile package that takes up only 5 inches! What’s more, the unique Armstrong connector makes the TVS compatible with all of these: Inverted bucket, Disc, Thermostatic wafer, Bimetallic, Float and thermostatic and two-bolt steam traps from other manufacturers. THE INNOVATION IS INTEGRATION!

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Code: Armstrong Steam Traps
Use: The removal of condensate and non-condensable gases in a steam system.
Pressure Range: 8.3 to 174 bar
Types: Armstrong Inverted Bucket steam trap, Armstrong Float & Thermostatic steam trap, Armstrong Controlled Disc steam trap, Armstrong Bimetallic Steam trap, Armstrong Thermostatic Steam trap
The Armstrong Thermostatic steam trap operates on the difference in temperature between steam & cooled condensate & air. Steam increases the pressure inside the thermostatic element causing the trap to close.
Armstrong Automatic Differential Condensate Controller: Cast Iron traps, Cast Steel traps:
The Armstrong Automatic Differential Condensate Controller (DC) are designed to function on applications where condensate must be lifted from a drain point or in gravity drainage applications where increased velocity will aid in drainage

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