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Steel Poly Pipe™

Steel Poly Pipe™, is suited to convey slurry in tailings lines at mines. HDPE lining is commonly used to make steel pipes more corrosion resistant and with the patented jointing method eliminates the risk of leaks caused by pipeline movement.

Product Information:
Steel Poly Pipe™ Macsteel’s patented Steel Polypipe’s defining feature is the unique combination of the HDPE liner with the host steel pipe with a steel to steel jointing system, and has a 20 year track record.
Use: Steel Polypipe is ideal for conveying corrosive fluids and abrasive slurries reliably and efficiently.
Material: Steel Polypipe, high density polyethylene lined steel pipe, bonds the strength of steel with the chemical and abrasive-resistance of high density polyethylene, with machined HDPE stubs complete with steel ring and O-ring.
Length Options: Up to 12.192m lengths
Sizes Available: 100NB to 600NB

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