Fluid Pipe Systems

CABLE-LOCK™ Pipe System

The CABLE-LOCK™ Pipe System is an integrated spigot and socket steel pipe system. The system uses the same tried and tested socket system used in plastic pipe systems, with the addition of the retaining or ‘flex wire’ incorporated in front of the seal to ‘lock’ the two pipes together. This is powerful enough to easily take care of the axial pressure loads. It is inserted through an aperture in the socket end groove into the matching groove on the spigot end. This flex wire is seated 360º around the groove firmly locking the pipes together.

The CABLE-LOCK™ Pipe System is suitable for above and below the ground installations. When the pipe system is pressurised the pipes will not push apart and thrust blocks will not be required. The system is suitable for working pressures up to 25Bar and has been pressure tested to 75Bar. This exceeds normal safety requirements.

Product Information:
Use: For the conveyance of liquids and gasses
Material: SAE 1008, CQ
Sizes Available: 50 – 250NB
Special Features: An integrated spigot & socket steel pipe system
Information: 20 Bar maximum working pressure

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