Level Gauges

Transparent Level Gauge

A Transparent Level Gauge is a direct level gauge, the liquid level can be seen directly through a glass or a mica sheet. The use provides the level gauge with background illumination gives operating staff a clear separation between the water and steam zones even when viewed at a relatively long distance. Bi-colour level gauges are suitable for camera surveillance to the measuring station because of their special design and the intense LED illumination.

Product Information:
Code: Igema Liquid Level Gauges & Glass
Use: Most applications are catered for in a wide range of liquid level gauges
Pressure Range: ANSI 150 up to ANSI 1500 DIN PN16 – PN40
Glass Tube Gauges: Non-hazardous media up to 32 bar
Reflex Gauges: Steam (saturated) up to 32 bar, other media up to 160 bar
Bi-colour Gauges: Steam (saturated) up to 180 bar, other media up to 250 bar
Transparent Gauges Steam: (Saturated) up to 120 bar, other media up to 250 bar
End Connection: As per application requirements

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