Steam / Condensate Traps

Liquid Drainers

Inverted Bucket Drain trap: Designed for systems with heavy oil or water service.

Free-Floating Linkage Drain trap: As liquid begins to fill the body of the drain trap the float rises, openings the discharge valve allowing drainage.

Fixed Pivot Float Drain trap: A conically shaped valve is attached to a fixed pivot leverage system.

Snap Acting Float Drain trap: A flat spring attached to the leverage system holds the valve closed until liquid level is high enough for the buoyancy to exceed the spring force.

Product Information:
Code: Armstrong Liquid Drainers
Use: Draining of heavy liquids from gases or light liquids (dual gravity drainers).
Pressure Range: 0 – 1800 psig or specific gravity down to 0.40
Types: Pulysulfone see-through, Free floating lever, High leverage, Thermostatic, Fixed pivot

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