Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Columns

Universal Steel Column

A Universal Steel Column is commonly referred to as an H-beam, due to its “H”-shaped profile. The vertical middle section of the universal steel column is known as the web and the horizontal component is known as the flange. The web and the flange are the same length/dimensions. Sizes are determined by the web, flange and weight per metre.

A universal steel column is mainly used in construction and civil engineering applications.

Product Information:
Code: UC
Use: Structural applications
Material: S355JR
Sizes available: Weight options: (kg/m)
152×152 23.0, 30.0, 37.0
203×203 46.1, 52.0, 60.0, 71.0, 86.1
254×254 73.1, 88.9, 107.1, 132.0 167.0
305×305 96.9, 117.9, 136.9, 158.1, 198.1*

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