Roof Sheeting

Novotexi 440®

Novotexi 440® is Macsteel Roofing’s concealed-fix profile that is designed to accommodate extremely high wind pressures. It has an effective cover of 440mm and is generally roll-formed on-site from G550 high tensile steel to any practical length that is manageable by the roofing contractor. It can be installed as low as 2° pitch.

Novotexi 440® can also be supplied in soft ductile materials such as aluminium and commercial grade steel (e.g. 350Mpa and 300Mpa in 0.8mm gauge).

Product Information:
Code: NTZ1
Use: Concealed-fix roofing
Materials: Generally use 0.53mm G550MPa high tensile steel.( RollForm TCT) 0,5mm, 0,53mm, 0,58mm , 0.8mm. Chromadek,Colorplus and Colorbond. Stainless Steel and Aluminium
Sizes Available: Effective cover 440mm wide at any length
Special Features: High wind load resistance and on site roll forming. Available in Sky -Forming. Compatible with PV installations. Fall Arrest systems

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