Alloy Steel Solid Round Bars

655M13 (EN 36B)

655M13 (EN 36B) is a nickel-chromium-moly based case-hardening engineering steel that is specified for heavy duty highly-stressed applications. The addition of nickel increases shock resistance and toughness while the chromium increases the material’s hardenability giving it a uniformed hardness. The material also offers excellent fatigue resistance. 655M13 (EN 36B) is stocked as round black bar.

Product Information:
Code: EN36B
Use: Heavy duty gears, automotive and heavy vehicle transmission components, engineering machinery, gearbox parts, steering worms, track pins, timing wheels, gudgeon pins, chuck jaws &screws, breech machanisms and components for small arms.
Material: 3-3.75% Nickle , 0-0.10% Molly, 0.70-1.00%Chrome
Sizes Available: 25mm dia – 405mm dia
Special Features: Alloy steel
This material is available in random lengths between 4m – 7m lengths
Available in an as rolled condition ex stock
Can be normalized and tempered , spheroidize annealed, and hardened.

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