Bright Bar - Hex Drawn

Bright Bar Hex Drawn SAE 12L14

Bright Bar Hex Drawn SAE 12L14 is used for high speed production and/or repetition work where the main requirements are rapid machining and maximum tool life. Cutting speeds on this grade are considerably higher than those of mild steels as well as the Sulphur free cutting steel grades, together with a far more superior surface finish.  The lead addition however further impairs the mechanical properties and fabrication characteristics compared to the re-sulphurised free cutting steel grades such as forge-ability, formability and weldability. Bright Bar Hex Drawn SAE 12L14 is not suitable for hot dip galvanising.

Product Information:
Code:  HBD 12L14
Use: General Engineering, Automotive, Mining
Colour: Magenta
Sizes available: 10mm – 55mm
Grades: 11SMnPb30 / SAE 12L14
  • The addition of lead plus the high sulphur and  phosphorous levels form a lubricating effect resulting  in consistently excellent levels of machinability with  little effect on the mechanical properties of this low  carbon steel
  • Welding is not recommended due to high sulphur and  lead content
  • Will electroplate but not suitable for hot dip  galvanising
  • Used extensively for high speed production and/or  repetition work for manufacturing of parts requiring rapid machining and maximum tool life, e.g. bushes,  pins, couplings, nuts and various machined components

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