Carbon Steel Solid Round/Square Bars

070M55 (EN 9)

070M55 (EN 9) is a medium carbon steel with good tensile strength. It provides good wear resistance, but poor weldability because of its high carbon content. The steel can be flame or induction hardened to produce a high surface hardness with excellent wear resistance for a carbon steel grade. 070M55 (EN 9) black bar is available in round bar.

Product Information:
Code: EN9
Use: Sprockets, cylinders, cams, crankshafts, small gears, keys, machine tools, grinding balls
Material: Carbon steel
Sizes Available: 16mm – 500mm diameters
Special Features: 0.50% carbon steel
This material is available in random lengths between 4 – 7m lengths
Available in as rolled condition ex stock
Can be heat treated to your requirements

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