Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet

441 Stainless Steel Sheet / 1.4509

1.4509 is a low carbon, dual stabilised (titanium and niobium) ferritic stainless steel containing 18% chromium. It has good corrosion resistance in moderately corrosive environments and good oxidization and creep resistance at elevated temperatures.

In the annealed condition 1.4509 is ductile, does not work harden and can be formed using a variety of roll forming, bending or mild pressing/ stamping operations. 1.4509 is resistant to stress corrosion cracking but has limited weldablity.

1.4509 should not be used in the as-welded condition for dynamic or impact loaded structures.

Product Information:
Use: Has good high temperature oxidation resistance and creep resistance and this makes it suitable for use in applications in automotive exhaust systems
International Specs: S43490
EN 1.4509
Material: Ferritic stainless steel
Dimensions / Sizes Available:
Gauge range: 0.5 to 2.0mm
Material size: 1250 x 2500, 1500 x 3000
Material finishes: 2B, No4, Scotch brite
Special Features: Has good resistance to a wide variety of corrosive environments. Generally used in the automotive industry for exhaust systems. Atmospheric corrosion resistance is good, although in highly polluted or marine environments staining may occur
Information: The standard ferritic stainless steels are prone to grain growth in the heat affected zone of the weld. As such, the tensile, fatigue and toughness properties in the welded condition are relatively poor
Note: Non-standard sizes available on request


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