Square Tubes

Structural Applications Square Tube

Structural Applications Square Tube is hot-rolled, welded, graded steel tubing (Grade S355MH) that has square corners inside and outside. It is typically stocked in 6 metre lengths, wall thickness starting from 3mm to 10mm. Square tubing of the S355MH steel grade means these materials are intended for structural purposes. All tubing is produced in accordance with SANS 657-1. Product application: Square tubing is easy to drill, weld or cut and they can be bolted and riveted. Structural Applications Square Tube is typically used for structural purposes such as bridges, box girders, cranes, roof trusses, trailers, towers, tow bars, columns, agriculture equipment, bridges or mine props.

Product Information:
Code: Square Tube
Use: Certified material, used for mast towers, roof trusses, irrigation, structures, tow bars, roll bars, racking and shelving, steel bridges or hand rails
Material: S355, S275, S235, S420
Sizes available: Square: 12.7 x 1.6mm – 150 x 6.0mm
Special Features: Cut to size – band saw cut, laser cutting, bending, roll to radius
Information: SANS 657-1

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