Aluminium Extrusions

6082 Aluminium Extrusions

6082 is a heat-treatable higher strengh aluminium which anodizes well. It has good fabrication charactaristics and is widely used in stressed structural applications such as bridges, transport applications etc.

Product Information:
Use: Medium strength material but with property development by heat treatment. Recommended for extrusions, sections, bars and hollow shapes. Used in road and rail industry and all structural applications
International Specs: 6061 / 6063 / 6082
Material: Heat treatable 6 series. 6061 / 6063 / 6083
Dimensions / Sizes Available:
Material Size: Due to the non-standard sizes required in the Engineering and Transport industries, extrusions can be designed in conjunction with the customer.
A range of standard extrusions are available on request.
Special Features: Aluminium’s lightweight high strength to weight ratio, thermal conductivity, reflectivity, electrical conductivity and non-magnetic characters makes aluminium practical in various applications
Information: Very good corrosion resistance and increase in strength by heat treatment


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