Aluminium Sheet

1050 Aluminium Sheet

1050 is the most common standard aluminium grade. It has good mechanical properties and like all aluminium is less than a third of the mass of steel. Alloy 1050 offers good corrosion resistance and is readily fabricated. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

Product Information:
Use: Typical use is hollowware, chemical containers, food and beverage, decorative assemblies in architecture and transport panelling
International Specs: 1050 Standard Flat Sheet / Coil / Vastrap Tread Plate
Material: Duplex stainless steel
Dimensions / Sizes Available:
Gauge Range: 0.5 to 6mm
Material Size:
1000 x coil, 1250 x 2500, 1500 x 3000, 1500 x 6000
Also available in tread plate and treadbright (Vastrap) or walkways
Special Features: Aluminium’s lightweight, high strength to weight ratio, thermal conductivity, reflectivity, electrical conductivity and non-magnetic characters makes aluminium practical in various applications
Information: Very ductile in annealed conditions. Anodises well

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