Carbon Steel Plates

BS 1501-161/151- 430a Carbon Steel Plate

BS 1501 is a British standard for pressure purpose steels which has now been superseded by the Euro Norm specification EN 10028. As reference is still being made to this specification by prospective clients, we have included details of BS 1501-161-430 A/B as reference for information purposes. Grade 430A is a fully killed carbon steel used in the fabrication of welded pressure vessels.

Plates up to and including 40 mm are supplied as rolled unless requested by the customer to be normalised. Plates over 40 mm thick are supplied normalised.

Product Information:
Use: Pressure vessel and boiler applications
Material: As rolled/normalised steel
Thickness: 5 mm – 75 mm
Sizes Available:
1 200 mm x 2 500 mm
2 500 mm x 12 000 mm
Special Features: Good notch toughness & formability
Information: Yield 250MPa, UTS 430 – 550MPa, maximum service temperature 250°C

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