Carbon Steel Plates

VRN 500 Carbon Steel Plate

VRN 500 is a high hardness conventional low alloy martensitic steel grade for use in applications requiring high resistance to wear, impact and abrasion. This steel has a nominal hardness of 500 HB. The low carbon and alloying elements incorporated with heat-treated intense roller quenching and/or the tempering process ensure an optimal combination of hardness, toughness and weldability.

Product Information:
Use: High impact and abrasion resistant applications
Material: Water quenched and/or tempered steel
Thickness: 6 mm – 50 mm
Sizes Available:
2500mm x 1200mm
1200mm x 2500mm
Special Features: Extreme wear & impact resistance properties
Other Information: 500BHN, maximum service temperature 300°C

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