11 June, 2024

Levelling up industry standards: exploring Igema’s precision gauges

Igema, a leader in precise fluid monitoring technology, stands out as a key supplier to Macsteel, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Igema has distinguished itself in the market with its high-quality liquid level and magnetic gauges, renowned for their accuracy and robustness. Accurate and dependable fluid monitoring is essential for the success of industrial applications, playing a critical role in maintaining safety and efficiency.

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Igema’s Product Showcase

Igema’s expertise in fluid monitoring technology is exemplified through their innovative product line-up. We supply two of their flagship products – liquid level gauges and magnetic gauges. Each gauge is designed with precision engineering to address specific needs within industrial settings, ensuring smooth and safely run operations.

Liquid Level Gauges: Igema's liquid level gauges are equipped with cutting-edge features that ensure accuracy and reliability. These gauges are certified to global standards, providing an essential tool for precise monitoring of liquid volumes in tanks and boilers. They are designed to prevent system overfills and maintain operational balance, which is crucial for industries where precision is paramount.

Magnetic Gauges: The magnetic gauges utilize a unique magnetic float system that allows for a clear and reliable reading from outside the vessel, eliminating direct contact with the liquid. This design is particularly beneficial for handling corrosive liquids or high-pressure conditions. The durability and minimal maintenance of these gauges make them ideal for harsh or challenging industrial environments.

Gauge Applications
  • In the chemical manufacturing industry, maintaining the integrity and concentration of chemicals is crucial. Igema’s gauges provide reliable measurements that help in precise dosing and reaction control, essential for product quality and safety.
  • In pharmaceuticals, where exact formulations are critical, Igema’s technology ensures that ingredients are combined in the correct proportions, adhering to strict regulatory standards.
  • Power generation facilities rely on these gauges for boiler control and safety. The accurate monitoring of steam and water levels using Igema’s gauges helps in optimising energy consumption and maintaining system safety.

The partnership between Igema and Macsteel is a testament to quality and customer satisfaction. This collaboration has led to the integration of advanced monitoring solutions in Macsteel's offerings, enhancing the product range and ensuring that our customers receive only the best. Feedback from clients across various sectors has highlighted improvements in system reliability and operational efficiency.

If you’re looking to enhance your operations with dependable and precise monitoring solutions, contact Macsteel to learn more about Igema’s products.

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