Cellular Beams

A modern version of the traditional “Castellated Beam” with regular and repeating patterns of circular holes. These are produced from structural I and H sections. Cellular beams are typically 40-60% deeper than the parent section. This results in a section size 2.5 times stronger than its parent section size. Cellular beams sections are flexible through exact finished height, cell diameter and cell spacing.

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Ultra-Shallow Floor beams are shallow asymmetrical cellular beams used in floor applications where the floor beam sits on the bottom flange of the beam. This is beneficial in applications where height restrictions is a critical factor. We can manufacture lengths up to 22m.

Cellular Beams are utilized in the following applications.

  • Roof: Rafters applications providing clear span solutions. These beams can be curved, tapered or straight.
  • Floor: Floor beams in composite or non-composite applications. Ultra-shallow floor are also used in this application
  • Columns: Cellular beams can be utilized in column applications such industrial warehouses.

Cellular Beams provide the following advantages.

  • Greater flexibility (Finished depth, cell diameter & spacing)
  • Service Integration
  • Faster Erection Time
  • Higher rentals or saleable values 
  • Maximized building/Investment returns 
  • Future proof clear-span layouts less likely to need refurbishment

Macsteel is the license holder and distributor of cellular beams and ultra-shallow beam products for Africa and Indian Ocean Islands. We offer a free in-house design service to all our customers.

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