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Women who occupy leadership positions in different sectors of the economy, including the metals and engineering (M&E) sector should be at the forefront of empowering other women, in particular young women, to become the next generation of leaders, so says Macsteel Branch Manager Carol Lloyd.

“Women who have reached the apex of their careers understand the challenges that women have to go through to reach the top, the onus should, therefore, be on them to make sure that they break the barriers and minimise those challenges for other women. This should be a norm and not an exception in all sectors of the economy and all spheres of life.”

“The foundation of success for a young woman is hard work, a good support system of mentors, colleagues, family and friends," says Ms Lloyd. Remarking on transformation, as far as women representation in senior and previously male dominated positions is concerned Ms Lloyd says transformation is indeed taking place albeit at a slow pace.

“But there is no doubt that there is an increase is the number of women who, for instance, occupy technical positions when compared to a decade ago. Opportunities exist but it is up to them (young women) to be driven, to roll up their sleeves and work."

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