Macsteel Executives

Macsteel Executives


MACSTEEL Executives

Meet our Macsteel Executive Team. With a wealth of shared knowledge between them, they proudly serve the local steel community, shareholders and Macsteel employees.

Mike Benfield - Macsteel

Mike Benfield

Group Chief Executive Officer

Lenny Govender - Macsteel

Lenny Govender

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Cowan - Macsteel

Tom Cowan

Group Chief Operating Officer

Rowan Blomquist - Macsteel

Rowan Blomquist

Executive Fluid Control

Marcus Nel 1 - Macsteel

Marcus Nel

Executive Trading Sales

Frikkie Erasmus - Macsteel

Frikkie Erasmus

Executive Harvey Roofing  Products

Gavin Marshall 1 - Macsteel

Gavin Marshall

Group Procurement Executive

Nival Porun 1 - Macsteel

Nival Porun

Group Operations Executive

Venessa Sanders - Macsteel

Venessa Sanders

Group Senior Human Capital Manager

Braam Botha 1 - Macsteel

Braam Botha

General Manager Franchise

Vojta Svoboda - Macsteel

Vojta Svoboda

Group Logistics And Warehousing Executive