General Steel Products FAQs

General Steel Products FAQs

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General Steel Products FAQs​

Does Macsteel only sell to large companies?

No, we service all customer regardless of the size of your company. A delivery schedule determines when your order will be executed.

Why don’t you carry stock on the fast moving hot rolled, tubing stock items?

Unfortunately AMSA have put us on allocations across the board and this makes it difficult to run long productions on all our sizes. We expect stabilisation of supply around July and this will allow us to build up stock again

What are delivery lead times?

In the past, we relied on Macsteel efficient service, but we can no longer rely on next day delivery. We have been forced to find other suppliers, but we are embracing newer technology, and in the process have experienced longer lead times in the process of delivering superior performance.

What are the calling wait times?

Contact cannot be made with the sales team at Germiston South. It can take up to 15 minutes to contact a sales person.

I am told I have to buy from Macsteel, but I prefer dealing with the Express stores as they have better service?

You can buy from The Express stores but they are not geared for high stockholding and have limited credit facilities to accommodate large customer requirements. Our new Macsteel logistics model with dedicated delivery schedules will ensure our service to outlying regions is to your satisfaction.