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About Macsteel

  • Where is Macsteel located?

    Macsteel has branches within South Africa, in all provinces, as well as internationally in Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Ghana, Zambia and Swaziland. To search for a branch, you can do so here: or you can see a list of Macsteel branches and their respective contact details by clicking here.

  • Does the Macsteel Shop website have a mobile app?

    No, we do not have a mobile app at the moment. However, our online shop is mobile-friendly, which means that you can access it from your mobile device, log in, register, place orders and quotes, and download statements and PODs.

Online Login & Registration

  • How do I login?

    To login, please navigate to the login screen of the Macsteel e-commerce website here: or click on the “Login” icon in the top right of your screen. Once on the login page, please enter your Username and Password to login. If you have forgotten your password please click on the “Forgot Password” link on the log in page, or alternatively click here:, and then follow the recovery password prompts, and we will email you on how to reset your password.

  • How do I register to shop online?

    Please register on the Macsteel’s online shop home page and click on the “Register” icon located at the top right hand corner of your screen. For Macsteel account customers, you can also register by clicking on the following link: For non-account (cash sale) customers, you can register by clicking on the following link: Kindly note that B2C registration is currently only available for cash customers requiring delivery and/or collection in the Western Cape. Once you have clicked on the registration link or icon, you will then be prompted to add and submit your personal information. Once you have successfully submitted the form, an email will be sent to you to verify your email address. Once you have verified your email address you will be able to log in and shop on the online shop. Account customers must be aware that we need to validate your registration request and you will not see pricing or stock until your account has been approved. We will contact you to notify you regarding your registration application status. Cash sale customers can immediately start shopping online as no validation is required.

  • What are the benefits of creating an account on the website?

    By signing up to shop online, you can easily access Macsteel’s products with just a click of a button. After completing the registration process and logging in, you will have access to your customer-specific product pricing, which you can conveniently download into an Excel format. In addition, you can check stock availability, view your quote and order history all in one place. By making purchases online, you will also automatically receive an extra incentive for every order as a reward for buying online. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 011 0871 0300 to learn more.

  • How many buyers can I connect to my account?

    You can add up to 5 buyers on your account with Macsteel. If you have a requirement to have more than 5 buyers, please email with the contact information of the buyers you would like to add including contact number and email addresses, and we will accommodate your request.

  • Can I still place an order by phone or email?

    Yes, you can still place an order telephonically or via email through your sales agent. However, the Macsteel online shop will allow you to place the order on your own, with immediate confirmation; and also allow you to check prices and receive quotes at the click of a button.

  • How can I search for a specific product on the Macsteel Shop website?

    There are multiple ways to locate items on the Online Shop. One option is to search for a specific item by entering its name, size, or material code in the search bar. The search results will display the most relevant items according to your query. Additionally, you can browse items by clicking on the “Shop by Category” menu and selecting the appropriate category for your desired item. Another way to refine your search is by using the product filters located on the left-hand side of the page.

Your Account

  • How do I view and reprint my invoices and delivery notes using my own order numbers?

    Once logged in, click on the person icon “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.If you have the invoice number you would like to find, navigate to the “Account Transactions” tab, and search for the document number you would like. In the “Document No” heading, you can click on the respective invoice number and it will download the invoice for you. You can also download the connected proof of delivery by clicking on the “Download POD” button.
    If you do not have the invoice number, but you do have the order number, please navigate to the “Orders” tab on the left hand side menu. Search for the order number you would like to find the documents for, and click on the respective order under the “Sales Order” column. This will take you to the view of the order. Here, you will find a button that says “Invoice/POD”, which if you click, will open a screen showing you which connected documents are available for download for that order. If you see an invoice, click on the “download” button.
    Note: Delivery notes are scanned in manually as soon as possible after the delivery of your orders. Please request a copy POD from the supplying branch if the document is not available online.

  • How do I change my password or reset it? Does my password expire?

    Once logged in, please go to “My Account” in the top right corner of the webpage. Then, navigate to the “Change Password” section and follow the prompts to update your password.
    If you cannot remember your password and need to reset it, please click on the “forgot password” link which is shown on the log in screen, or alternatively click here: – an email will be sent to the email address linked to your account to reset your password.
    Your password will not expire. However, it is recommended to change your password every 3 months.

  • How do I change my e-mail address or personal details?

    Any changes to your profile can be made once you have logged in. In the top right corner of the website, please click on the “My Account” icon. You can then navigate to the “My Details” section of your account using the left hand side tab many, from which you can edit your personal details.


  • To where do you deliver to?

    Macsteel has a very large delivery coverage within South Africa and can deliver to most customer locations. Please see a map of our branches in South Africa here: Account customers will be informed whether goods are available to be delivered to their chosen delivery location upon completing their credit facility application with Macsteel. You will also be informed on checkout if we do not deliver to your specified area. For non-account (cash sale customers), delivery is currently only available within the Western Cape Region, upon registration as well as when selecting your delivery address, you will be notified if delivery is possible in your area, if not you may collect your order at the supplying branch based in Bellville, Cape Town.

  • What type of documentation do I need to provide upon delivery of the goods?

    For account customer orders, delivered to the customer’s default delivery address, Macsteel does not require any documentation. If an account customer requests delivery to a third party address, then we require a written request of this in writing, and we need to be provided with the details of the person accepting the delivery.

  • When can I expect to receive my order?

    On checkout, you will see what delivery dates are available for your area based on where you are located. Once you have placed an order online, the email address connected to your account will receive an order confirmation mail which will state when your order will be delivered. If you would like to check when your order will be delivered, please log into your account, click on the “Orders” tab. Information regarding your order, including delivery date, will be specified here. If you would like to speak to a consultant, please call the sales department for your area. Contact details can be found here

  • What is the shipping and delivery process?

    Our Macsteel trucks will deliver your goods on the next available delivery date for your specific area. However, you also have the option to choose a different delivery date from the dropdown menu on the checkout page if the next available date is not suitable for you.

  • How much does shipping cost on the Macsteel Shop website?

    The shipping costs for your order will depend on two factors – the total weight of your order and the distance between your delivery address and the supplying branch. These costs are calculated automatically at checkout and will be displayed in your cart before you complete your purchase.

  • Can I add any additional information related to my delivery?

    We welcome customers to include any specific delivery instructions or special order requests in the comments section at checkout. However, please keep in mind that any requests for custom cutting will need to be approved prior to the completion of your order, and additional charges may apply for these services.

  • How can I change my delivery address?

    For account customer orders, delivered to the customer’s default delivery address, Macsteel does not require any documentation. If an account customer requests delivery to a third party address, then we require a written request of this in writing, and we need to be provided with the details of the person accepting the delivery. For B2C non-account(cash sale customers): For orders delivered to the delivery address confirmed at time of payment, Macsteel does not require any documentation. However should you wish to change your delivery address, after completing payment online, then we will require a written request of this in writing.

  • Do you deliver products internationally?

    No, we do not deliver internationally. However, you can order online if you don’t live in South Africa but the only delivery option available to you on checkout would be “collection”.

  • Can I split my delivery?

    Yes, deliveries may be split and the delivery cost will be adjusted accordingly. Please make sure to update the text box labelled “Special Requirements” on your order before checkout if you would like to split your order.

  • Is there an option for express delivery?

    At present, Macsteel does not offer express delivery as a standard service. However, if you require faster delivery, we recommend that you contact your salesperson at the branch where you placed your order. They will be able to advise you if expedited delivery options are available and can assist you accordingly.

  • Can I collect from the branch instead of having it delivered?

    Yes. You will receive the option during online checkout of choosing whether you would like your order delivered or if you would like to collect it from a branch of your choice. Please note that stock levels may dictate which branch you may collect from.

Payment Methods

  • Is it safe to provide my credit card information on the website?

    Yes, all online payments are processed through PayGate, which is a secure and trustworthy payment gateway. You can rest assured that your personal information and credit card details are processed with the utmost care and security. Additionally, we’d like to note that Macsteel doesn’t store any credit card details to ensure maximum security for our customers.

  • Is it safe to make purchases on the Macsteel Shop website?

    Yes, Macsteel account customers can pay for their online purchases as per the agreed payment terms with Macsteel. For cash customers, all online payments are processed through PayGate – a safe and secure payment gateway. You can rest assured that all your personal information and credit card details are processed securely and with the utmost care. It’s important to note that Macsteel does not store any credit card details.

  • When will I be charged for my order?

    Account customers will be charged according to their pre-defined account contracts with Macsteel. Please contact your nearest branches’ sales consultants to confirm if you are unsure.

    For non-account (cash sale customers) online orders paid online through PayGate via credit card or instant EFT will be charged immediately. If you order via our internal sales staff, you can manually EFT the funds to Macsteel as per the cash sales procedure. When paying via manual EFT, we allow up to 5 days from order placement for payments to reflect in the MSCSA bank account. Payments not reflecting after this time period will automatically be cancelled.

  • Is VAT charged on orders?

    Yes, all orders are VAT inclusive. While product prices are shown Ex VAT Net on the website, you will see the VAT line item calculated on your Order Summary on checkout.

  • Do you offer lay-buys?

    No, lay-buys are not accepted but you are able to open an account with us. Please contact your supplying branch if you would like to open an account.

  • What payment options are available when purchasing online?

    B2B account customers can pay online by account only. B2C non-account (cash sale customers) can complete payment online via credit card or Instant EFT through the secure payment gateway PayGate. Please Note: We do not offer a cash-on-delivery payment option for online orders.

Macsteel General Steel Products

Macsteel Special Steels & Bright Bar

  • What additional processes do you offer?

    Macsteel offers comprehensive cut to length services, using 40 saws that include 6 high speed CNC saws for high speed cutting to close tolerances. Macsteel has a fully equipped heat treatment facility that is used to heat treat material for in house stocking purposes and customer’s own materials. Macsteel has a fully equipped laboratory that is able to offer metallurgical services to our customers.

  • Do you offer delivery services?

    Macsteel delivers locally using a fleet of delivery vehicles and nationally via an extensive branch network. Macsteel’s delivery lead times are +- 2-3 days which is industry standard depending on quantities and processes required.

  • What is the origin of the material you stock?

    The local market primarily uses the BS970 range of steels. These steels are sourced both locally and internationally and conform in all aspects to the BS970 standards.  Other grades and specifications are available upon enquiry.

  • What is the difference between drawn bar and peeled bar?

    During the drawing process, the black bar scale layer is partially removed by shot blasting and then sized and elongated to tight dimensional and straightness tolerances which also enhances the mechanical properties of the steel grade.  The peeling process removes the entire scale and decarb layer (porosity) from the black bar.  In this instance, the mechanical properties of the steel grade remain in “as rolled” condition.

  • Why use bright drawn bar instead of black bar?

    The drawing process enhances the mechanical properties of the steel grade, ensures close dimensional and straightness tolerances for precision engineering and a smooth clean surface that saves on machining time and tooling costs.

  • Are mild steel and EN8 grades interchangeable?

    EN8 grades contain higher carbon content and a higher Tensile Strength than Mild Steel grades and may be interchanged in some non-critical applications.  Mild Steel grades are not interchangeable with EN8 grades due to the lower carbon content and lower Tensile Strength.

  • Are you able to recommend the best suited steel grade or quality for my specific application?

    Yes.  Macsteel has cold drawing, peeling, straightening, polishing and grinding machines that enable the production of commercial and precision high quality bright bar products.  In addition, Macsteel has an electronic testing facility for safety critical applications that is endorsed by automotive manufacturers. Macsteel’s technical ability, expertise and experience, supported by its metallurgical and mechanical testing laboratory, provides the ability to complete R & D in collaboration with the steel manufacturers and our customers.  This allows Macsteel to provide customers with a total product solution whether it is for automotive, mining, petro-chemical, power generation, fastener manufacturing or general engineering.

Macsteel VRN

  • What does VRN do exactly?

    Macsteel VRN supplies specialised steel for specific needs: Quenched and Tempered Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel flat and long products as well as Aluminium in flat and extruded form. We’ve invested in technologically advanced equipment which enables us to supply complex cut and processed components with tight tolerance for various industries.
    VRN provide these solutions to our customers from a network of eight branches including Gauteng, Durban, Cape Town, Kathu, Klerksdorp, Rustenburg, Springbok and Witbank and with additional sales offices in Lephalale, Port Elizabeth, Richards Bay and Vaal Triangle. Our footprint is shaped by the spread of industry.

  • What services do we offer?

    Logistics Management: Utilising information technology as a platform, Macsteel VRN acts as a link between end users and steel producers by meeting customers’ demand for: small tonnage requirements (break bulk), specified short notice deliveries, warehousing of inventories and providing a safety stock buffer, managing mill orders and expediting mill orders.

    Value Added Processes: Utilising pre-production processing equipment such as: oxy fuel/plasma/laser profilers, press brakes, rollers, machine centres for drilling and chamfering, cut-to-length lines, slitting lines and guillotines – Macsteel VRN can provide customers with pre-production input components.

    Financial Risk Sharing: Macsteel VRN can take care of the “cost of possession” component of inventory thereby reducing customer’s financial risk – credit finance, inventory holding costs, hedge against obsolesce – these funds can in turn be released by the customer into productive assets.

  • Why do your products differ from Trading?

    Every type of steel that we supply is graded for the specific quality required when it comes to specific, safety critical applications. VRN sell specific materials required for an application, and then we add value on top of that: cutting, weld-prepping, machining, drilling and/or rolling.

  • How do you drill your holes in liner plates up to 500BNH?

    Traditionally, the practice was to heat up the plate to drill a hole into it. However, using this method, you sacrifice a measure of structural integrity, seeing as the heat alters the chemical composition of the plate. Using CNC machining, we form the hole in the plate without the heat and we can supply the customer with a strong and a safe plate that includes countersunk and nib holes.

Macsteel Fluid Control

  • What valves do you supply?

    Macsteel stocks valves to suit every industry, from high-end oil and gas products to basic plumbing supplies.

  • What is the pressure rating of pipe?

    Pressure rating is determined by different variables of which the most important is the type of pipe joint (i.e. flanged, butt-weld, threaded or coupled) incorporated in to the pipe system.

  • What is nominal bore?

    “Nominal” refers to pipe in non-specific terms and identifies the diameter of the hole with a non-dimensional number (for example – 2-inch nominal steel pipe) consists of many varieties of steel pipe with the only criterion being a 2.375-inch (60.3 mm) outside diameter.

  • What is pipe schedule?

    Specific pipe is identified by pipe diameter and another non-dimensional numbers for wall thickness referred to as the Schedule (Sched. or Sch., for example – “2 inch diameter pipe, Schedule 40”).

  • Where does the schedule come from?

    Certain pipe thicknesses follow a set formula, expressed as the “schedule number” as established by the American Standards Association (ASA) now re-organised as ANSI – the American National Standards Institute. Eleven schedule numbers are available for use: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, & 160.

Macsteel Tube and Pipe

  • Do you sell direct to ex-mill customers?

    To keep logistics costs down, Macsteel’s preferred go-to-market is via bulk customers. Should you require smaller ex stock material, you can purchase directly from the Germiston South distribution plant.

Macsteel Roofing

Macsteel Exports

  • What range of products do you sell?

    Macsteel Exports sells the full range of the Macsteel Group products ranging from all the Fluid Control valves, Pipes flanges and fittings, Harvey Roofing, Tubing/hollow sections, lip channels, roofing products, VRN plates, fabricated solutions of plate. Over and above this, the full Macsteel Trading range of long and flat steel products, beams, IPEs, channels, angles, flat bars etc., fencing, wire to name a few.

  • What are your contact details?

    Corner Simon Bekker and Crompton Rd Germiston South. Please contact or

  • How does the exports process work, VAT, Zero Rated VAT, transport costs?

    The South African Reserve Bank, (SARB exchange control regulations apply for Export)  SARB/SARS requirements are as follows:
    If the payment comes from a foreign country outside South Africa, (Excluding common monetary countries/union  of Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini) we will zero rate the VAT and charge the transport portion. If the payment is from South Africa, then 15% VAT is charged and the customer is required to do their own transport.

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