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Butterfly Valves & Actuators

Butterfly Valves & Actuators are quarter-turn valves that can isolate or regulate the flow of fluids and gases. Butterfly valves are lighter in weight and need less support than other valve types. A disc positioned in the centre of the pipe rotates with a shaft to open or close the valve, and can be actuated manually (via gearbox or hand lever), pneumatically or electrically. The seals/liners are bubble tight and protect the valve body from the medium transferred in the pipe. Butterfly valves are used for irrigation in agriculture. They are also used for general fluid purposes (water, oil and gas) or in chemical processes.

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Ball Valves

Ball valves are capable of isolating gasses, vapours or liquids by means of a metal ball with a cylindrical hole bored through the centre that is rotated to isolate the flow of the medium. A quarter turn takes a ball valve from fully open to a fully closed position. With its quick opening and closing ability, ball valves are useful in installations where there is a need to isolate pipe sections swiftly in the event of an emergency. Ball valves are also especially useful for low-flow situations.

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Gate Valves

Gate valves are of a flexible, outside screw-and-yoke and bolted-bonnet construction.

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Temperature Regulation

A temperature regulator, that is self-acting, automatically controls the steam/liquid flow, in response to the temperature changes in the cooled/heated media and keeps the cooled/heated fluid temperature at a constant level.

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Control Valves

Control Valves are a power-operated device used to regulate or manipulate the flow of fluids, such as gas, oil, water, and steam. They are used to maintain a process variable as close as possible to the desired set point.

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Check Valves

Check Valves are of swing-type, mushroom type and spring loaded. Check Valves are also commonly known as non-return valves and help to restrict flow in one direction.

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Globe Valves

Globe Valves feature a ball-type disc, outside screw-and-yoke and bolted-bonnet construction.

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Flow Control & Interlock Systems

Smith flow control interlock system is a coded-card linear-key concept in a range modular key-operated interlocks to regulate operator execution of work procedures on any form of host process equipment.

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Relief Valves

Relief Valves relieve pressure if it exceeds a pre-set point. Lock and lever type for gas medium or cap top for liquid medium.

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Storage Tank Safety

Storage Tank Safety are low pressure devices specifically designed to protect tanks, process systems and equipment from excessive pressure and vacuum. Emergency relief vents are fitted to storage tanks to allow emergency flow due to the excessive venting requirement from a fire burning around a storage tank.

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