06 July, 2023

From Waste to Wow – new Harvey EcoTile™ reimagines sustainable roofing

Harvey Roofing EcoTile™ represents a leap forward in roofing technology and sustainability. Harvey Roofing Group Executive, Frikkie Erasmus, shared insightful details about this revolutionary roofing solution.

Conventional roofing products are made from clay, cement, or steel profiles which have remained largely unchanged for centuries. Furthermore, there has been in many instances where the consumer is misled by the influx of imported inferior products. Conventional roofing has its challenges, such as excessive weight, fragility, high costs, high maintenance and environmental impact. In their constant pursuit of reinvention and sustainability Harvey Roofing Products recognized the need to change the landscape of the roofing fraternity.

Made from 98% recyclable waste materials including plastics the eco-friendly EcoTile™ is weatherproof, virtually unbreakable, and has a significantly longer lifespan when compared to alternative options.

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Frikkie further shared the extensive research and development processes involved in the development of Harvey EcoTile™. Collaborating with industry experts, Harvey Roofing Products succeeded in refining an initial concept into a game-changing product. With meticulous attention to detail, the company has optimised the manufacturing process and addressed potential scalability concerns, setting the stage for future growth and international market expansion.

“It is a very exciting product, not only for the market that is waiting in anticipation for it to drop in full force, but also for Harvey Roofing Products diversifying their well-known brand. It de-risks us from the volatility of the steel price and moves our business to sustainability with the promise of a new ground-breaking product,” - Mike Benfield, CEO of the Macsteel Group of which Harvey Roofing Products is part.

Benfield commented on the market reaction to the Harvey EcoTile™, noting the overwhelmingly positive response from those introduced to the product, citing its exceptional features and impact on the roofing industry. Although still a work in progress, the team at Harvey Roofing Products is confident in the immense potential of the EcoTile™ and its ability to revolutionise the market.

In anticipation of high demand while pre-empting the power crisis in South Africa, Harvey Roofing Products has proactively addressed challenges associated with loadshedding by procuring generators to ensure consistent production. The team aims to have full-scale production of EcoTile™ by the end of 2023, focussing on quality and efficiency.

The benefits of the Harvey EcoTile™ include its lightweight nature yet superior strength, ease of installation, weatherproofing and reduced costs related to roof structure and transportation. With its classic Double Roman design set in a charcoal colour, Agrément certification, and of course the 100% recyclability aspect, the Harvey EcoTile™ offers an attractive and reliable solution for homeowners and building contractors.

Harvey Roofing's journey to create the Harvey EcoTile™ represents a significant milestone that will transform how future roofs will be specified and designed.

As Harvey Roofing Products sets its sights on the international market, anticipation grows for the full-scale production and widespread adoption of this game-changing roofing solution. We look forward to seeing its impact in the industry.

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