17 July, 2019

In support of Cameroon retail development

A project in Douala, Cameroon has resulted in two notable milestones for Macsteel Trading: it is the first time our products have been used in projects in Cameroon and it’s the furthest region in Africa where we have supplied steel beams.

In January 2018, Macsteel was approached by consultancy firm WSP Africa, to assist with the design and specification for the Douala Grand Mall, a large retail development. Given extensive, stiff competition from Turkish engineers, the South African team followed a collaborative approach to ensure a competitive design solution and secure the contract. Joining forces were WSP Africa (the engineering firm), Cadcon (steelwork contractor), Raubex (primary contractor) and Macsteel which manufactured and supplied the steel.

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One of the key factors ensuring the contract was awarded to Raubex was Macsteel’s innovative application of cellular beams which allowed weight-savings of as much as 23%. The use of cellular beams aided in optimising the original design by reducing the overall weight of the floor grid structure and saving significantly on costs.

The project saw over 200 tons of cellular beams manufactured for the construction of the building’s first floor, comprising a selection of the various sizes: 356x71x45, 356x171x57, 406x140x39 and 406x140x46. So strongly do we believe in the excellence of our product design and manufacture that we will be entering this project into the 2020 Steel Awards.

This is yet another example of the use of Macsteel cellular beams in various projects around Africa, and while the South African sector endures challenging times, we continue to build our presence in African markets.

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