11 June, 2024

Macsteel and Bermad brings you advanced flow control solutions expertise

As a leader in water & flow management, Bermad boasts over 50 years of industry experience in designing and manufacturing connected solutions. Serving a range of industries - from waterworks and irrigation to construction, mining and fire protection, these state-of-the-art hydraulic control valves, air valves and advanced water meters deliver efficiency, reliability, and precision.

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Standing Out in Flow Control

Bermad stands at the forefront of fluid control technology, with each valve a testament to precision engineering, meeting the strictest international certifications and built to exacting standards that guarantee unmatched performance. Behind every product is Bermad's in-house expertise, where valves are not just designed, but brought to life by expert Research & Development teams, reflecting years of knowledge and innovation. Manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities, Bermad ensures each valve delivers consistent quality and reliability. By integrating high-grade materials with unique patented technologies, these solutions are fit and capable of serving a range of industries and irrigation system needs.


Through advanced hydraulic control valves and innovative water management technologies, Bermad's systems provide precise water delivery, optimising irrigation to meet specific crop needs while conserving water resources – a crucial aspect of the South African landscape. These sustainable solutions ensure that farmers can maximize yield and reduce waste, regardless of the scale or complexity of their operations.


When it comes to mining, Bermad brings together precision-engineered manufacturing and vast experience to offer a comprehensive range of custom-made high-performance pressure reducing, air and control valves aptly suited for the industry needs.

Water Supply Solutions

Bermad offers robust and reliable water & control management solutions to help optimise water usage, protecting water supply and distribution systems that ultimately save costs, maximizes energy efficiency and keep system downtime to a minimum.

Fire Protection

Bermad’s fire protection solutions incorporate unique patented technologies to ensure fail-safe opening, zero flow obstruction, and protection against water hammer – a sudden pressure surge that causes a knocking sound.

Building and Construction

Irrigation systems in construction projects require careful consideration when designing and installing water supply systems, factoring in uninterrupted water supply, noise & maintenance considerations, integration & control and high water consumption. Bermad solutions have been designed with each of these crucial requirements in mind, to ensure a seamless, reliable water supply system.

Diverse Valve Solutions For Every Flow

Bermad’s solutions offer control over your entire flow ecosystem. The extensive product range caters to diverse irrigation applications, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs:

Pressure-reducing valves: Taming high pressure is effortless with pressure-reducing valves, adjusting flow to your desired level with unwavering precision.

Flow control valves: Precisely regulate fluid flow with flow control valves, ensuring optimal performance and eliminating unnecessary waste.

Check valves: Act as vigilant gatekeepers, allowing flow in one direction while safeguarding against unwanted backflow.

Solenoid valves: Electronically controlled solenoid valves react instantly, opening and closing with lightning speed for ultimate control.

There are many benefits to using Bermad flow control valves, including:

Improved efficiency: Bermad's valves are precision crafted to optimise fluid flow, minimizing energy consumption while saving on operational costs.

Effortless maintenance: Built with durability in mind, these valves require minimal maintenance, keeping your system running smoothly and minimizing downtime.

Enhanced safety: Bermad valves offer peace of mind and ensure the security of your operations, with meticulous product testing and safety standard compliance. With Bermad, we can rest assured our customers are offered the best possible water & flow management solutions to meet their needs.

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